Worth on Ethereum Blockchain

1% of every transaction to all holders.
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Why? Worth use Ethereum blockchain instead of creating own blockchain?

Ethereum blockchain is integrated almost everywhere. Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain.

Ethereum is available in all wallets you can hold worth anywhere you want.

Worth focus is to make worth innovative instead of integrating which is not required.

Why? Worth will do smart burning?

Actually, its not burning it’s loosing, loosing worth to an address means loosing rewards too.

if with time 50% worth get burned it will loose 50% reward every transaction,

Price will become moon with lesser value & negligible rewards.  

1% Reward

Every transaction is deducted by just 1% which is negligible in term of fees and highly profitable in long term.

1% is perfect for any scale transactions done in future.

Worth Decentralization


Worth prime focus is to be decentralized from every dimension.

Ethereum decentralization =  Worth decentralization


Worth contract , supply is not controlled by anyone.

No one can alter anything in worth which makes worth fully decentralized as ethereum.

Unique Evolution

Worth performance will always evolve in a disruptive way

because, ideology behind worth is unique, sustainable & stable in all market conditions.

New implimentations empowering worth will keep evolving in worth journey.

What's Worth contract address ?
Why there's no information about worth team?

Disclosing information openly can bring lot of limitations in worth growth.

How 1% Reward system work?

1% of every transaction is automatically distributed amoung all worth holders.

What is liquidity Time-lock?

All liquidity provided to an exchange will get locked for specific period of time no one can access it.

What is Decentralization of worth?

Worth contract is deployed on decentralised ethereum blockchain & Ownership of that contract is renounced no one ever can do any change in contract.

By using liquidity timelocks, No one can control worth which makes worth completely decentralised & community driven asset.