Digital currencies in which transactions are verified & record’s are maintained in blockchain using strong cryptography.


In Blockchain, blocks are records linked together.

Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block &  a timestamp and transaction data.


Bitcoin () is a decentralized digital currency.

Bitcoin first started trading from around $0.0008 to $0.08 per coin.


Altcoins are coins created after bitcoin with extra feature’s.

e.g Worth is a fixed supply decentralized altcoin where your coins grow automatically on every transaction.

How to get in cryptocurrency?

Crypto exchange’s are the best way to get in cryptocurrencies.

Always try with small amount until you learn, if all goes well then enter full amount you want to invest.


Hardware wallet’s are most secure crypto wallet on planet, all worth wallet’s are hardware.

Software wallet’s are another secure wallets.

Most useful wallets are web3 wallet’s e.g Metamask wallet (install them in your browser extension & pin it)  User friendly and super easy to transact and have inbuilt swaps between currencies.


Ethereum is a decentralized cryptocurrency powering smart contracts, dapps and defi space.



Binance is an exchange launches a blockchain (BSC) compatible to ethereum with lower fees.


Metamask support’s both ethereum and binance (custom add BSC network) .

Please visit for complete information about how to use metamask & features.

Note: Worth can be kept on any ethereum address or binance address on metamask/all wallets except exchanges.

|Never send worth on any exchange wallet until worth is listed on it|