Worth on Binance Smartchain

8% of every transaction to all holders → 100% of worth are sold & liquidity locked for 21 Year’s.


Benefit of Binance smartchain

Worth(BSC) can also be stored on same address of Ethereum blockchain, Low transaction fees with high adoption rate of

Binance smart chain makes it incredible.

Massive Reward 8%

Worth(BSC) profitability is heavy, pure 8% distribution on every transaction makes worth on binance highly profitable.

Worth with fixed supply & no burning of rewards keep it highly profitable everytime.

Ethereum Compatible

All resources used on ethereum network can also be used on binance smart chain network.

Lower fees with fast transaction speed makes BSC adoptable but we have to sacrifice security and decentralization which makes worth(BEP20) little risky but more rewarding.

What's contract address of Worth(BSC) ?
How much decentralised is Worth(BSC)?

Worth have No owner, Fixed supply and an unchangeable open source contract.

How 8% Reward system work?

On every transaction of buying or selling of worth, 8% of total amount is deducted and automatically distributed to all Worth holders.

What are the benefits of Fixed supply ?

Fixed supply means no one can create or destroy a single worth which makes worth more & more deflationary with time.

What are the benefits of not burning worth?

Loosing worth to an address will take away rewards too, it will discourage buyer’s & holder’s with time.