100% Locked & Decentralized.

SWAP ⇄ Worth(BSC)


  • Decentralised Reward System (Specific % from every transaction is automatically distributed to all worth holders).
  • Transforming payouts & Burning of asset  (Anyone can transform payouts and bring it to next level with worth, Burning of asset will burn rewards too price will become moon with lesser value & negligible rewards, to overcome it worth will introduce smart burning mechanism).
  • Completely decentralised (No owner & everything will be focused on keeping it completely decentralised).
  • Liquidity Timelock (liquidity on exchanges will be given away in maximum timelock)
  • Experienced backing  (Worth is backed by strong protocol’s created by expert’s, where no one have control on anything).


  • Fixed Supply1,618,033,988 WTH upto 8 decimals will forever exist.
  • Different blockchains are only used for user compatibility.
  • Only 1 type of fee, Reward fee is deducted in every transaction & 100% of it is distributed to all worth holder’s.
  • 95% of worth are available for community.
  • 1% of worth are kept for worth growth.
  • 1% of worth are allocated for human managing worth operations.
  • 3% of worth are allocated for integrating worth in your business.
  • Worth & Rewards gathered in official worth account are distributed among all worth holder’s by analyzing price.

Marvellous creation

 In 2018, After month’s of long research

Worth discovers value of time is the only real value & there is no asset based on it in crypto community.

All services already exist & millions new launching every year, including a service will not worth it, worth is in search of something that makes it independent a long go asset.

Worth disruptive ideology, how any payout system can be modified and you can evolve your business to next level.

Worth inovations are so perfectly selected and integrated which will never effect worth growth except supporting worth in its peacefull journey.

In 2021, worth launch itself with a fixed supply, integrate automated rewards and decentralised nature.

Transforming payout's

Value of time based payout system.

In most payouts, We value work in comparison to time, Ignoring time have major impact.

This lack of fairness is not giving true value, in any payout structure.

There is no solution, until you violate your own protocols.

Solution is use worth in payout or as reward to make any payout a perfect payout.

e.g   Two persons completing same job in 1 hour & 2 hour respectively, use worth to make any payout perfect.


Worth will always remain decentralised, rewarding & independent in every aspect of its time,

Decentralised, automated rewards on every transaction is worth.

Worth can be used as an ultimate investment or to transform any payout system, Futuristic innovations & Unique ideology will evolve worth to optimum level.


Global Community

✦ World of Worth ✦

Worth is a decentralised global asset with global community.

World class skills of crypto community, will always keep worth performance unbeatable.

Worth community have million different ways to contribute, community contributions create worth.

From transforming payouts to reward every transaction every single innovation is from community & for community,

Worth is created in specific way which always keep worth a lucky coin.

Community driven asset’s always remain magnificent with boundless growth.

Holder’s of worth

HODLing worth is a


where Investors get

Most out of investment.

HODL Worth coin